Frequently asked questions


From The Werewolf Cathedral Administration

  1. What is The Werewolf Cathedral?                                                                                                                                              The Cathedral is the only authentic international organization in the world dedicated to practicing the true Werewolf religion. We have a worldwide membership and a dedicated Priesthood. The Werewolf Cathedral has been in continuous existence since its creation when we formed our organization. We did this to allow our membership to benefit from the legal protections afforded to religion under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations.  We are elitist for good reason and do not recognize any others who would make claims upon our heritage and authority. And we continue to grow internationally, offering members live support and training.

  2. Is The Werewolf Cathedral the name of your religion?

    No. The Werewolf Cathedral is the only organization and secret society authorized by the Founders of the Werewolf religion.  The religion practiced by it's members is referred to as Lycanthropy, not to be confused with clinical lycanthropy, or simply the Werewolf religion.

  3. Is the Werewolf religion (Lycanthropy) a form of Paganism?

    Yes!  Lycanthropy is a Pagan religion.  Within the religion some members choose to practice an occult tradition referred to as the Werewolf Pagan Tradition.

  4. Is this a scam?

    No. If it were we would be charging more then $35.00 dollars for a lifetime membership.  Just a modicum of thought will make this quite obvious.

  5. What is a Werewolf?

    A Werewolf is someone who practices the Werewolf religion as defined by The Werewolf Bible. In other words they practice the union of instinct and intellect, from a social Darwinist mindset.

  6. Do members of The Werewolf Cathedral ever meet in an offline manner or is this just an internet group?

    Yes members of The Werewolf Cathedral do in fact meet offline for both ritual and non ritual purposes.  Despite what some uninformed people have said on various web articles The Werewolf Cathedral is not simply a online place of meeting.  These myths about us were created out of assumption rather than research.

  7. Isn't the TWC policy of living in strict accordance to a civic structure going against your own religious beliefs?

    Absolutely not.  If you commit a crime and get imprisoned you will not be able to practice anything remotely close to TWC's beliefs.  You cannot indulge in all life has to offer from a jail cell.

  8. Why do you use the term Cathedral? Isn't a Cathedral the principal church of a bishop's diocese?

    In the Catholic context, yes.  However we certainly are not Catholic.  The Dictionary also defines Cathedral as: An important church.  As well as pertaining to or emanating from a chair of office or authority.  The later being the obvious reason for our use of this term.

  9. Does The Werewolf Cathedral practice magic/k and the occult?

    Yes!  The Werewolf Cathedral practices something akin to a combination of demonology, ritual magick, and witchcraft both traditional and Neo pagan.  Our occult practices are referred to as the Werewolf Pagan Tradition.

  10. Are you black magicians or white magicians?

    We consider ourselves to be black magicians.  Our male sorcerers are referred to as Warlocks war·lock   [wawr-lok]  noun 1. a man who practices the black arts; a male witch; sorcerer. 2. a fortuneteller or conjurer.  Our female sorcerers are referred to as Witches.

  11. Will The Werewolf Cathedral teach me to become immortal?

    Yes.  We teach one how to become Immortal thru occult training, Spiritual or Moonlight Immortality.  We also encourage membership to obtain a Cryonics contract so they might be frozen quickly after physical death and brought back at a later date, Daylight Physical Immortality.  For more information about cryogenics visit

  12. Who are The Werewolf Elders?

    The Werewolf Elders are a group of astral beings.  They are Werewolves who once walked the earth as you and I.  But have chosen not to return to physical life.  The are what might be called gods because they have advanced so far beyond human comprehension because of their age and wisdom.  They are somewhat similar to what vampires refer to as the undead gods.

  13. Can I become a priest?

    That depends on you and how well you are able to apply the philosophy within your own life.  We do not promote anyone who has not submitted a ranked membership application along with a copy of their photo id to administration.  We also prefer that one does not ask to become a priest, when and if you are ready for that duty we will inform you.

  14. How much does membership cost?

    Membership is currently $35.00 for a Lifetime Membership, though this may change at a later date.  However to interact with Cathedral members in an offline manner one must submit a Ranked membership application along with a scan of their photo id to prove their age.  One must be 25 years or older and of legal adult age to join the Cathedral.  This must be verified with a photo id before one can interact with other members offline.

  15. Are their any groups I should avoid joining after joining The Werewolf Cathedral?

    A) Feminist Wicca-oriented, consciousness-raising groups who practice more male-bashing than magick

    B) New Age groups that promote Occult concepts, but shun the practice of black magick

    C) Jargon-laden Christians masquerading as Occultist Satanists, Vampires, or Werewolves etc... 

    D) Pen-pal or lonely hearts social groups pretending to be elitists performing powerful Black Magic/k rituals

    All of the above are subject to bitch-fights, petty jealousies, and rivalries. They are safe havens for small-minded people trying to play head games, preferring the protection of groups rather than really working to apply what High Priest Johnson wrote.

  16. Is The Werewolf Cathedral a left hand path organization?


  17. Are you Neo-Nazis?


  18. How many members do you have?

    That information is only available to the Administration of The Werewolf Cathedral.  Some of our members choose to interact with us via the members only section of the website, others do not.  Therefore it is impossible for anyone outside of Administration to know the amount of members within the ranks of The Werewolf Cathedral.  We are elitist and concerned with quality not quantity.

  19. Do you practice human sacrifice?

    Not in a literal sense.  We however will place a death curse on someone if we feel it is required to obtain justice.

  20. Do you sacrifice animals.

    Absolutely not!  We hold animals in the highest esteem possible.

  21. Do you follow the Wiccan Rede?


  22. What is your political alignment?

    That is up to each individual Werewolf to decide for themselves.

  23. Are the ministers of the Priesthood of The Wolf Legally Ordained?


  24. When you say you are Werewolves do you mean Werewolves like the ones on TV?

    The Werewolf Cathedral considers anyone that believes in transformation of a man into a Lon Chaney Jr style wolf man, with hairy face and fangs, to be a pseudo Werewolf. Being a Werewolf is a mentality and an ideology. Lycanthropic Transformation is about union of intellect with instinct. So that the two complement each other, rather than being at odds with one another. We are not concerned with role players, pretentious wannabes, and other such individuals. If that is what you are looking for, look elsewhere! This is an organization for the elite of the elite.

  25. I have studied classical occultism and you sound like members of what Blavatsky and Crowley called the Black Lodge. Is this true?

    Yes we are "Black Brothers" or disciples of the "Black Lodge."

  26. Are you secretly Devil Worshipers?

    No.   Although our High Priest is a Satanic Warlock of the Craft, we do not encourage nor discourage devil worship that is up to each member.

  27. Are you just Satanist with a different aesthetic?

    No.  If you read our literature you will see a very clear and distinct difference between the Werewolf philosophy and that of Anton LaVey's Satanic religion.  They might appear to be very similar at a quick glance but a good look into both ideals will show they are in fact very different.

  28. What is The Order of Marchosias

    The Order of Marchosias is the inner order of The Werewolf Cathedral, aside from that there is nothing we are permitted to tell you. 




Rumors and Gossip

  1. I heard High Priest Christopher Belmont Johnson is a "former" member of the Church of Satan is this true?

    No. This is another one of those nasty internet rumors that has no basis in reality.  High Priest Christopher Belmont Johnson is still to this day a member of the Church of Satan in good standing with that organization. He has chosen not to make his rank within the Church of Satan public.  "They may even choose to keep their affiliation and rank secret, in order to better serve their personal goals, as well as those of our organization." - Church of Satan Website.  Remember just because someone says something on a forum does not in fact make it truth.

  2. Is it true that the High Priest of TWC said the werewolves own Hollywood?

    No!  This rumor was started by Drew Grant a staff writer for  She merely misunderstood what High Priest Johnson was saying in a YouTube video on our official channel.  What High Priest Johnson in fact said was "Real Werewolves do not conduct themselves the way they do ON Hollywood."  Drew Grant merely misheard the word "ON" for "OWN" and thus the rumor began.

  3. Was The Werewolf Cathedral made by the Church of Satan?

    No.  However The Werewolf Cathedral was founded by a member of the Church of Satan.  Later members from both the Church of Satan and Temple of The Vampire as well as other occult orders and secret societies were brought in to further the Cathedral. 

  4. Was The Werewolf Cathedral made by the Temple of The Vampire

    No.  However our High Priest holds membership within that organization.

  5. Is The Werewolf Cathedral connected with the Church of Satan or Temple of The Vampire

    No.  However their are members within our ranks that are also members of both organizations.  This is neither discouraged nor encouraged.  The decision to join either the Church of Satan or Temple of The Vampire is left entirely up to each Werewolf.

  6. I've heard The Werewolf Cathedral hates Wiccans. Is this true?

    Absolutely not.  In fact some of our members are also Wiccans.

  7. Isn't the Wolfsangel a Nazi symbol?

    No. This mark has been used as a strong rune-magic mark at Viking era in Denmark and Norway. The wolf's hook or the 13th rune; Eihwaz. Identify Eihwaz with Yggdrasil, the Norse World Tree or Cosmic Axis. The name of this Rune simply means "yew (tree)" in the various Germanic languages, hence Eihwaz or Iwaz in reconstructed Common Germanic later became Yr in Old Norse, Eoh in Anglo-Saxon (which became "Yew" in Modern English), and Aihus in Gothic. The sound represented is said to be variously "e," "i," "ei," some sound between "e" and "i" that has not survived in modern Germanic languages; for Anglo-Saxon, "ch," which probably is the "Ach-Laut" in "Bach" and "loch"; and for the Younger Futhark, "y" and "z." In any case, be sure to pronounce "Eihwaz" differently from Ehwaz, the "Horse-Rune."

    Many people also believe the sign originated as a mason's mark as seen in 13th to 16th century stonework.

    People who believe it is a Nazi symbol are merely mislead, and uneducated on the subject, by sensationalism and want to turn it into something it isn't out of hysteria.


                 Here lay myth and folklore, reality and fantasy, choose wisely. Copyright © 2009-2019                                              The Werewolf Cathedral - All Rights Reserved

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