The oath of the Werewolf


Learn it, believe it, live it!


I am a beast and I worship instinct and intelligence.


I am predator not prey and shall conduct myself as such.


I shall believe nothing that is not within my reasoning.


I exalt the dark forces in nature and man, as they are vital to existence.


I shall always strive to preserve myself and my pack.


I shall have no other gods before mine own self.


I will not befriend that which is inferior.


I am a werewolf and shall be ruled by none.


I shall always seek to unify my intellect with my instinct.


I shall always respect the Occult and its hidden forces and power.


I will not betray my kind no matter what benefit I may gain.


I shall know, I shall will, I shall dare, and I shall remain silent.


I shall have no pity for those, which I seduce, with my magick.


Here lay myth and folklore, reality and fantasy, choose wisely. Copyright © 2009-2014 The Werewolf Cathedral - All Rights Reserved

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